Ready to shift to solar power in the Philippines? We got you! 24Solar has been building an impeccable reputation in this industry since 2014. With extensive solar products and services available, we could help you turn the sun into a free electricity source! 

Who is 24Solar?

24Solar is your go-to company when it comes to anything solar! With the sun shining for approximately 12 hours in the Philippines, it would be a waste not to put this energy into use. After all, a free electric bill comes with solar power! 24Solar aids in making your transition smooth and hassle-free. We employ tested solar ways and plans to curate the best solar home system for your needs. 

In choosing products

Aside from the goal of making solar energy available, 24Solar also envisions a life-long use of solar products. Hence, we guarantee branded and quality-checked products for every client. With partners around the globe, 24Solar makes trusted solar products available for every Filipino. This step lets clients reap the benefits of solar energy without having to rip their own pockets. 

You might not have known, but a single solar setup contains more than just a couple of solar panels. There are a lot of components that make a single solar system fully functional. And you’ll need them all at a high-performance rate to enjoy peak solar conversion. Hence, “life-long” panels and parts may be a little bit exaggerated, but 24Solar does find ways to make each system consistently operational even in the long run. 


In providing services 

The security you’ll get from 24Solar does not end on products and promises. We deliver! Through experts and skilled workers on board, 24Solar is confident in the durability and performance of every solar setup. Having knowledgeable and experienced teams is also the reason why 24Solar is a thriving company in this industry.


How 24Solar Brings Solar Power In The Philippines

The sun is available every day. And there is potential electricity every time it generates light. We, at 24Solar, persevere to be instruments of bridging clients to this clean and affordable energy. Here are solar ways on how we make this energy available in the country

Sending us your questions is the first step to your solar journey. But in this stage, clients are not the only ones who get to ask —us too! This strategy is to have a good picture of your electric situation and the kind of solar home system you want. After getting crucial details, 24Solar calls specialists to curate the best setup for you. Upon agreement with the solar plan, 24Solar draws ballpark figures for possible expenses.


24Solar philippines servicesPutting the solar wares together is a vital, if not the most important, part of a solar journey.  Attaching solar panels on the roof is only the tip of the iceberg when you install solar. There are wirings and other machines you need to connect correctly to prevent electrocution and fire.

Luckily, 24Solar work men practice accurate measurements and have skillful hands that guarantee a successful solar installation.


Despite being careful about using solar power, some instances will leave you unprepared. Sudden power loss, inverter problems, and broken solar panels are only a few of the common dilemmas in a solar setup. However, these should not bring your hopes down —because these dilemmas are not only preventable but are also fixable! 24Solar has effective solar ways on how to improve your solar home system. And to keep its electricity production at peak.


24Solar Recent Projects

These solar plans are not only proof of our top-quality work. But also our transparency.

Brgy Salvacion, Quezon City

This 5.28 kW Grid-Tie Solar Energy System allows the owners to harness free energy. This type of solar setup is also an affordable solar power option.


Baesa, Quezon City

This home carries a 6.27kWp Grid Tie Solar Energy System, which works best in the city to offset high electricity demand. This layout also lets the family save big on their monthly utility bill.

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