Most often, when people hear the words solar panel, roofs are what they picture first. But aside from attaching them atop houses, solar panels are as effective when in the ground. There are even other options on where to place these electric-generating devices. As long as there is a sun and sturdy base, you are only a few steps away from producing your own power. Others may be hesitant to buy their first solar boards due to limited space. But unbeknownst to these people, there could be other creative ways to position their solar boards. Here are some crucial tips on where to plant your solar panel installation:

direction solar panel installationAs the sun rises on the east and sets on the west, you might need to plot these locations on your home. Not everyone is knowledgeable on directions, but these will play a crucial role in determining your solar panels’ performance. Although solar panels harness both direct and indirect sunlight, prolonged and direct exposure is best. Placing these boards on the east or west will easily cast shadows throughout the day. According to experts, the south is the best direction to put solar panels. True south allows solar cells to harness sizable light for electricity production as the sun’s movement will not cast a shadow in this direction.


It might come as a surprise, but the angle of your roof could save you a few pesos during solar panel installation! The rate of energy production is often dependent on the tilt of the panels. Hence, most solar companies advise putting these boards on a slightly angled surface. And if your roof is flat, some additional equipment is necessary to keep the solar panels in a bent position. Thus, saving homeowners with angled ceilings a few dimes.


Trees are often an object of interference when it comes to complete coverage of sunlight. This cool shade might help you to chill during the summer, but it will not buy the same benefits to your solar panels. Besides, alongside trees comes many leaves falling every breath of wind.  Shade and interference to direct sunlight will reduce the efficiency and power generating capacity of solar cells. It is best to choose a spot where there are not many trees or higher buildings around. 


roof type solar panel installationAside from the angle of the roofs, its style and design will either cost or save you extra money. Although roof angle or pitch will ease solar panel installation, super steep ones will be too challenging for the installers and need additional support. Roof type also determines the seamlessness of this process. Aged, vintage, and shaked style roofing will also confer difficulty in establishing secure footing for the panels. Roof types like asphalt, tile, rubber, copper, and metal are ideal for seamless installation. Most providers also offer solutions and suggestions on having a solid solar system without too much expense.


More numbers of solar cells harnessing heat will get you more electricity to spend. Likewise, fewer solar panels will generate less power. Depending on the average kilowatts you consume in a month, you might want to add or decrease solar panels. But for households or buildings that will need more energy during the day, multiple solar boards are necessary. Hence, you should ensure that your selected space is as wide as possible. Although a couple of solar panels will produce the same required electricity, they will take longer than having more boards.  


Solar Panel Installation Hacks: Be Sure And Safe

Whether you want it on the roof, ground, or mounted on other areas, thorough planning will guarantee the efficiency of these boards. But most of all, intelligent and safe solar panel installation is what will determine the service life and total capacity of your system. You could have the best spot for collecting the most light, but without professional help, you could endanger your life and your home. Hence, it is still best to connect to professionals when installing solar panels. Besides, the boards are only the tip of the iceberg during this crucial process. There are also fuse boxes, inverters, and distribution boards that you need to consider to keep your solar power going.


Final Words

24Solar offers an extensive installation service to help owners transition from traditional to more sustainable energy. With experienced workers and esteemed specialists, we guarantee safe and dependable solar panel installation no matter where you are. 


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