24Solar warmly welcomes Carla Abellana as our resident ambassador! We admire her decision to take the wise step. Most of all, the process was not like any other. The star really worked her way in knowing solar power and the benefits of renewable energy! Indeed, no one would want to represent a brand without knowing a thing or two about it. Luckily, the 24Solar team did an excellent job portraying the perks of solar power and the edge of our service. Considering the facts, Carla said her yes in the end. 

Here are some of what Carla Abellana learned about us:

Who Is 24Solar?

Also known as 24Solar Premier, we have been in the industry since 2014. The years in business made it possible for us to tap into better connections, talented workers and develop strategies in solar service. With the environmental effects of solar power, it becomes a calling for us to inspire people in this power change; 24Solar grabs this opportunity to provide for the people and help in preserving nature

We also take pride in the awards and recognitions of multiple granting bodies bestowed on the company. The most recent one includes Business Excellence from the Elite Business And Leadership Awards held in Sofitel Hotel last July 2021. With the benefits people could enjoy through solar power, free electricity is only a bonus. Thus, it has always been our mission to head the transition from traditional energy sources. We closely work with businesses and homeowners to get them on a sturdy footing in this journey; It is our way of ensuring that they get what they expect and the most out of their investment. 


What Do 24Solar Offer?

On a shorter note, 24Solar is your go-to provider when it comes to solar power! Talk about solar services, and we got it under our umbrella. Here are a few things we offer:


Did you know that installation plays a crucial role in the life-long performance of your solar setup? A little or few scratches may diminish the harnessing capacity of the solar cells. And most of these abrasions root from transport and installation. Luckily, 24Solar ardently prevent this from happening. We ensure to pack the solar wares safely during transport and only appoint installation orders to seasoned personnel. Furthermore, 24Solar uses a technique on solar panel placement to achieve the maximum energy production rate.


Repair and Maintenance

As an emerging technology, a solar setup is not an exemption from mishaps. But with long years in this line of service, our team has established an effective workaround on these dilemmas. Besides, minute problems with solar panels could quickly escalate to big trouble in the future. It is essential to think that this home power system carries electricity and connects to your home. A minute miscalculation might get you with no 24solar installationpower at all or worse. 

Also, maintenance is a crucial factor in keeping your setup working right. Without the proper knowledge of their function, you might find it tricky keeping them in top working condition. What may be ordinary for you may represent a problem underneath. Our maintenance service involves crews extensively checking each solar ware and tracing wirings to ensure safety. 24Solar teams also recommend resolutions and advice during maintenance checks.


Product Trading

Ready to exchange a solar item for a newer or more upgraded version? We got you! With connections to established manufacturers, we provide only first-class products. Research and development of more effective solar items are always continuous. And we are always available to grant you the extra boost. Also, trading with 24Solar is a sure way that you get to dispose of these items properly.   


Where To Contact With 24Solar

We are spreading empowerment all over the internet! Get more solar news when you follow us on FB & IG at @24solarpremier. Need to have a direct line with our team? Call us at +63 969 197 6949

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