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Whether you are a dedicated environmental advocate or a wildlife preserver, switching to renewable energy will further your steps in conserving the ecosystem. Many know of solar energy as a modern way of cutting their electric bill. But only a few emphasize its positive impact on nature. There is no other way to highlight the benefits of solar power to the environment than talking about it. Indeed, switching to solar energy will make a world of difference to your finances and the earth. 


The Guilt And Backsides Of Supporting Traditional Energy Source

traditional power plantsElectricity has been a part of everybody’s life since the 1890s. From the gigantic factories to the smallest household, electricity has kept every work running. The development of machines and gadgets has made people even more reliant on energy. And this is the reason why many are not fond of blackouts and candle-lit nights. But if you look deeper into your energy source, you will discover the dark truths about the electricity that runs your appliances right now. The energy production in the country comes from different means, but most are from fossil fuels and natural gas.

The Philippines depends on coal, fossil fuels, and renewable energy when it comes to electricity. However, burning coal is the most common way of energy production in the Philippines. Comprising almost half of energy production, coal-powered plants fill the electricity needs of most homes. It all sounds great until these power plants release the smoke from burning. The gray smoke brings not only pollutants but also toxins which highly contribute to smog and acid rain. But this is only the start of how coal-burning creates a severe impact on the environment. Ashes that travel far reach water bodies. And from there, its environmental effects become even more limitless. To think that these energy plants are operating every day, producing pollutants every single time, is a shuddering thought.

In addition, inhaling this polluted air causes ill effects on the brain and lungs. And although the Philippines can produce coal locally, it is not enough to supply all the power plants. Hence, companies import coal from abroad, which makes electricity costs even more expensive.


Even with the drastic effect of fossil fuel, only a few companies opted for natural gas. And since its smoke contains fewer pollutants, it has less impact -or as they claim. But, the burning process does not make natural gas any less harmful than coal. Instead, natural gas power plants play a significant role in global warming.

People switch lights on and off without really knowing the source behind that electricity—only a few wonder where electric companies source their energy supply. Perhaps, now is the best time to think twice before you plug another appliance on.


Solar Power As A Renewable Source

environmental impact of solar energyThe reality of your energy source probably left you dumbfounded. But, there are ways to support your current life without harming the environment, like choosing renewable energy. This other means of energy production is far more environment-friendly and does not pose health risks to people nearby. Renewable energy refers to the use of resources that replenish over time. Hence, you are looking into a limitless energy source! And if there is something you could always anticipate every day, it’s the sun. With sunrise starting as early as 5:30 AM and setting at 6:30 PM, you are looking at more than 12 hours of sunlight every day!

Luckily, the advent of solar panels enables this long daytime to be put into good use. Solar energy is as efficient when it comes to sustaining your electricity needs. The photovoltaic cells that comprise the solar boards utilize sunlight and convert it into energy. Also, a few solar panels are often enough since each contains more than a hundred of these solar cells. Hence, you won’t have to worry about insufficient supply. And with a solar battery to store extra energy, you will never have to experience power shortages ever again! 

Switching to solar power will prevent you from being dependent on gas-burning power plants. And imagine if all homes switch to this renewable energy, then there would be less demand and less smoke polluting the environment. 


The Dilemmas With Other Renewable Energy Source In The Philippines

The use of solar energy will significantly diminish the demand for gas-fueled power plants. This strategy is even more beneficial to big factories that house massive pieces of machinery. And although there are renewable energy plants in the Philippines like wind and hydropower, these are not as guaranteed. Wind energy contributes to noise pollution, while hydropower plants require precise control of water levels. That is why there are power interruptions during drought and flood risks during the rainy season.


Final Notes On Solar Power

The irony of using traditional power plants lies in their environmental impacts. The more these gases aggravate global warming, the longer you have to turn the AC on. And the worst part of it all, you are paying for this electricity. Supporting these power plants will only worsen both the power and environmental conditions in the long run. Indeed, there is truth in “what goes around, comes around.” Luckily, it is not too late to choose solar energy. Not only will you save on electricity, but you also get to lessen pollution one day at a time.


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