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Installations, Repairs, Custom Builds, & More

Save time & Money

24 Solar | Manila, Philippines

We do everything for you – from estimates, design consultation, and installation to permitting, roof repair and tree removal for optimal sunlight intake. We also offer quality components designed to withstand the test of time so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • The price of energy is not dropping
  • The cost of installing solar panels has improved and prices have fallen
  • Installing solar panels provides a long-term subsidy benefits
  • Save money on your pension by reducing energy costs on your monthly electricity bill
  • Solar panels are long-lasting and require little upkeep

Save the environment

24 Solar | Philippines

Renewable energy has been proven to reduce carbon emissions from harmful fossil fuels. Switching to solar helps produce cleaner air today while building a better tomorrow for future generations.

  • Reduces Air Pollution
  • Reduce Water Usage
  • Reduces Dependence On Nonrenewable Energy Sources
  • Improves Humanity’s Health In The Long-run
  • Helps Fight Climate Change
24 Solar | Manila, Philippines
24 Solar | Manila, Philippines
24 Solar | Manila, Philippines
24 Solar | Manila, Philippines

“It’s been a really good experience, It’s nice to have an energy specialist who is knowledgeable and always available if we have questions or need help with anything.”


“The installation process itself was extremely easy. It has been seamless ever since.”

“We found ourselves with an electric bill of half as much as it was prior. With two kids in college, it’s a much bigger savings than we ever anticipated.”

“We really thought solar was so expensive and you can’t afford it, but you really can.”