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One distinct trait of Filipinos is dancing with the trends and fads. Whether it’s in fashion, music, or politics, Filipinos have developed a love for what is hot and poppin’. And with the rumored benefits of lower electricity bills, solar energy is not an exemption. However, as you know, not all hypes are worth the clicks, especially that most trendy products do not come cheap. So if you are wondering whether solar energy is effective in the Philippines, here are facts you should consider:


FACT #1: Majority Of Electric Power Plants In The Philippines Are Oil-dependent

It may come as news to you, but most of the power plants in the Philippines burn coal and fossil fuel to generate electricity. And you already know what comes with burning —fumes. But the soot that comes from these power plants is not that simple. The black and gray fumes are mixtures of harmful chemicals and gases. Not only will these pollutants contribute to global warming, but they are also potential health risks to residents living near the area. That is why, even when you reduce plastic use or segregate properly, you are still contributing to climate change through your electricity. After all, switching to solar power will not only add a modern touch to your house but also saves the environment.


FACT #2: Electricity Is Expensive In The Philippines

Nowadays, an AC turning 24/7 symbolizes nobility. Not because only the rich could afford cooling appliances, but because only a few have the luxury to pay for the electricity. If you find the time to check

electricity in the philippines

the energy power plants near you, there is a high chance that it is one of the diesel-dependent ones. The use of these resources is a problem to the environment and a challenge to every consumer’s pocket. 

These electric companies import coal and fossil fuel for energy generation. And since the country depends on foreign supplies, we become affected by the global price increase. With the stocks of fossil fuel and coal becoming scarce, electricity will be more costly than today. Do not let the numbers decide when to turn your appliance on and off. Solar energy allows you to produce your electricity without requiring additional resources. With the sun, you could be one of the people who are unbothered with their electric consumption.  


FACT#3: It’s Sunnier In The Philippines

Many people detest the sunny weather and hot temperature in the country. But if you are planning to go solar, this is one of the best reasons you should do it. With the country’s geographical location, the sun is up and about for more than 12 hours every day. Imagine being able to harness this energy for more than half a day. In addition, with storage batteries, you are looking to a future without power interruptions.

Others argue about the frequent cyclones and tropical depressions that cross the country. However, even gloomy days do not stop solar cells from capturing solar energy. That is why solar energy is indeed effective in the Philippines. The innovative design of solar panels enables electricity production using direct and indirect sunlight. As long as nothing obstructs your solar panels, you will have enough electricity to support all of your power needs. 


FACT#4: Solar Panels Are Scalable

solar energy is scalable

When it comes to solar power, you don’t have to go all-in or out. You are free to start on your solar journey with few solar panels at a time. This feature allows you to build an ideal setup for your needs. Whether you opt to produce just enough electricity or plan to capture more energy for storage, solar power enables flexibility in your energy situation. There are even solar companies that assist consumers who want to upgrade or downgrade their solar wares. With adding and customization possible in solar power, industrial and residential holders could get the best of this investment.


FACT#5: Expensive

A product as good as solar panels does not come cheap. You have to prepare money-wise if you plan to go solar. In addition, there are also other factors to consider that could add to the total expense of choosing solar energy. However, in total, this price does not come close to the money you will be spending on electricity bills. The brand, solar panel type, installation, and maintenance are the most common elements that drive prices. Hence, it is essential to secure every process of this journey. Although there are DIY solar panel options, choosing an experienced company, like 24Solar, to do the task will make the process seamless and stress-free. 24Solar even offers repair, maintenance, and comprehensive customer service to keep you guided on your solar needs.


Solar Energy Is Effective In The Philippines!

With the doubts and skepticisms, there may be a few things stopping you from going solar. But when you look closer, there are countless reasons why you should choose this renewable energy source. Besides, you will never find another means of energy production that is efficient, reliable, eco-friendly, and cheap, like solar power!

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