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Solar panels are perhaps your best home investment in this 21st century. Aside from the significant savings from your electricity bill, solar energy saves the environment as well. And if you think that this new technology is only for the elites, you may want to think twice. With the right decision-making skills and keen eyes, you are on track for smooth solar panel installation in the Philippines. After all, with solar energy as your first step in saving money, you should carefully discern each step regarding installation and purchase. Here are tips and tricks for your solar panel installation without spending too much:

1. Do location inspection 

location for solar panel installationBefore drilling and screwing solar wares on your roof, check its condition first. Or, if you plan to mount the solar boards on the ground, make sure that the surroundings are safe and clean. Solar cells only produce electricity efficiently if there is optimum sunlight available. Ensure there are no obstructing trees or the land area is safe from high water flow even during heavy rains. Also, the durability and condition of your roof are crucial, especially since it is responsible for carrying your solar panels. 

By ensuring that you have a reliable framework for your setup, you get to be safe from future mishaps. Some companies offer free inspections in your area to determine the best spot for a solar structure. 


2. Study your electricity bills and power consumption

Solar power is an expensive investment, even if it pays in the long run. Knowing how much you spend on electricity in a month will provide a precise estimate of the number of solar panels you need. Noting the kilowatt per hour (kw/h) value on your previous bills will give an overview of which months you consume electricity the highest —is it during the summertime when the AC is on? Or is it during holidays when everybody is at home? If you seem to be conservative on your electricity use, you might want to consider a solar battery to enable electricity storage. Net Metering System is also available in the Philippines, allowing solar panel owners to sell excess electricity in return for incentives.

3. Choose the most suitable products for your needs 

The last thing you want when it comes to solar installation and building is spending unnecessarily. Others think that solar panels with higher kilowatt coverage are more effective than the rest. But that is not always the case. All solar boards are as effective when it comes to electricity production. The only differentiating issue is your situation. Indeed, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to solar panel setups. 

With the different solar panels for sale available, people often feel lost on what to choose. But when you have the complete picture of your electricity needs, choosing the perfect solar ware becomes stress-free. Some solar cell types are more efficient in areas with limited sunlight, while other types are best for industrial use.


4. Install carefully

solar panel installation guideWith the products in mind, you are now a few steps away from supplying your electricity. Installation is one of the most significant steps you should note since solar panels will be the main driver for your energy production. You should have no room for errors and miscalculations when it comes to solar panel installation in Philippines. It is more than just mounting the solar boards on your roof. Without the right strategy, you could end up burning your house or creating unnecessary holes. And you are dealing with electricity here, so precautions are essential.


5. Check electricity flow

People often only think of dark-colored boards when solar energy comes to their minds. But a whole set up of solar energy contains more than solar panels. There are inverters, batteries, and connectors you have to consider. Thus, you have to be meticulous in cross-checking all the connections and wiring. And when the light does not turn on after the installation, you have to go through the links again. Ensure that no live wires are hanging out and all water-sensitive parts are safe from the rain. No one can blame you if you feel afraid to do the installation and checking all by yourself. With the danger and potential errors, switching to solar panels could be stressful. But, it is not time to give up just yet. Solar companies provide professional installation services to secure a curated and safe design for your setup.


6. Maintain smooth operation

Like any product, care and maintenance are a must to lengthen their service life. And there are also care kits and safety tips on keeping your solar power efficient and functional. It is also essential to call for repairs immediately if there seems to be something wrong. Remember that your solar framework carries electricity, and it may lead to unfortunate incidents without timely attention. 


7. Partner with the right provider

Sleep peacefully at night without worrying if you have unsecured wiring on your roof. Finding a trusted and reliable partner when switching to solar power is your best step. And even when DIY solar panels are a hit in the market right now, no one could guarantee their safety and durability. With 24Solar, you get to have the best of your investment. Not only will you have access to the latest solar panels, but you also get to have authentic and experienced crews to assist with your needs.

24Solar paves the way for a greener and brighter future. Join us as we empower homes one solar panel at a time.


Call or message us @24SolarPremier.


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