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Having to pay cheaper electric bills and owning a more dependable electric source probably made you rush into inquiring about solar panel installation. There is nothing wrong with choosing this kind of electric source. In fact, there are more benefits to it. But your ultimate catch here lies in your buying decision before the whole installation process. After all, it would be best to look into a longer service life when it comes to solar power. A minor issue missed during the process might become an immense and expensive predicament in the future.


Self-reliance In Solar Power

When it comes to innovation and technology, electricity production does not really come first to developers’ minds. Considering the pollution and the excessive use of natural reserves, companies should change traditional power plants. Although renewable energy plants such as wind, geothermal, and hydropower exist, they’re not entirely pollution-free. Most hydropower and geothermal plants utilize self reliance in solar powermassive amounts of water to keep the power running. Wind energy, on the other hand, causes noise pollution to residents living near the area. And with the continuous surge of electric bills, everyone should think twice when choosing the power source.


Luckily, residential homes and industrial buildings have a more reliable and cheaper option now! Choosing solar energy does not only make you ride the trend but also confers many benefits to the users and the environment. By solely using heat and sunlight, solar cells convert these natural resources to energy. You can even choose to store the excess energy and save it during night and emergencies. Indeed, solar power is your renewable, noiseless, pollution-free option in using electricity. Its means of production makes it even more ideal in hot and tropical countries like the Philippines. Solar panels are life-changing, especially for homes and buildings that depend on air conditions and cooling appliances. As the heat rises, solar cells produce more energy. Hence, you have more freedom in turning that fan or cooler into full power without thinking of the bill.


Why Solar Panel Installation Is A Crucial Process

As you read, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to solar energy. Its perks and benefits are more than the sleek and modern finish it adds to your home. And like a puzzle, every piece plays a different role, and that they should fit perfectly. Without these, you could be looking into frequent calls to the repairman. Attaching multiple solar panels to your roof is just a part of solar panel installation. It all starts with decision-making and strategic planning. How many solar panels do you need? Can your roof support solar panels? Which solar panel brand and solar cell type will meet your needs the most? These questions are only a few things you should ponder before deciding to drill boards into your roofs. Last-minute calls are not exactly helpful when it comes to installation. 


To have a prime power source and to fully experience the benefits of solar energy, your wares should be in the proper places. Regardless if you have chosen the best brands or the most trusted setups, failure to secure your installation will put these sources to waste. Moreover, these wares will be carrying electricity. And without careful consideration, the layout could even lead to unwanted fires in the future. It may look simple and easy, but solar panel installation is a big deal. 


Tips On Solar Panel Installation

It may be full of tough decisions, but installing solar panels could be fun and seamless too! With the right tips and advice, you are looking into stress-free solar energy use. Here are tips and tricks on how to get your electricity environment-friendly and free:

1. Know your home and surroundings

solar panel installation tips

If you are eyeing to add solar boards to your roof, you should be observing your surroundings more closely. Which part receives more sunlight and which side does not? How many solar boards do you need? And how many kilowatts do you consume in a month? Knowing where to place your solar panels and how much power you need will help you maximize the benefits of choosing solar.


2. Ask a professional

DIY solar panels may save you a few dimes, but they will collect more expensive charges in the future. It’s easy to poke into your roof, but it will be problematic when you drill into the wrong part. Aside from the leakage, there is also a risk for fire and electrocution. Moreover, it is always far safer to leave this dangerous task to professionals.


3. Choose the right provider.

You may encounter multiple solar companies in your area, and nearby cities but not all will be reliable. Having a dependable partner is the key to ensuring a smooth sailing journey to using solar energy. 24Solar offers more than just branded products. We provide a through and through service to ensure that owners will earn from this investment. From inquiry to providing 24/7 assistance, we ensure our specialists are available anytime for each customer. 

Getting out of the norm is scary. That is why 24Solar guarantees top-tier service and wares to all Filipino homes, big or small.

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