What’s spectacular with having a solar panel roof system is the sole proprietorship of the energy! Aside from that, you have total control of your electricity, especially the bills. Philippines solar rooftops do not come last when talking about modern and innovative roofing setup. But for people who are new to this topic, getting started becomes a rough patch in itself. 


What Is A Solar Rooftop?

Aside from being another place for hangouts, a solar rooftop is a must-have for every building or home. Solar rooftops enable you to take advantage of the sun and its benefits. Its design is more than just to make your house cool. It’s a power system —literally. On a simpler note, a solar rooftop refers to a modern roof design with solar power installation. With roofs being the most common location for a solar power setup, it is now a budding novelty for businesses and households. 


How Does A Solar Panel Roof System Work?

People may only see the broad black rectangular modules, called solar panels, on the outside. But it is only a part of the real deal, and the science runs deep. These solar modules contain multiple smaller solar power philippinescomponents called solar cells or PV cells. It is through these cells that sunlight becomes an energy source. Each cell harnesses heat from the sun and translates this energy to a consumable form. Imagine having hundreds of these cells on a single board producing free energy for you! 

Electric wires laid strategically connect these boards to inverters. The primary function of power system inverters is changing direct current (DC) from the panels to an alternating current (AC) compatible with your appliances. Alternating current from an inverter will then go through a breaker. This device is what distributes the power among your appliances, bulbs, and everything else! This route changes depending on your chosen installation design. For some, their power system includes additions, like solar batteries.


Solar Panel Roof System Guide

Indeed, pushing for a solar rooftop without a guide is like venturing into a cave without a map. Luckily, we saved some praiseworthy tips for people aiming for solar rooftops.

Step 1: Get an accurate estimate

Yes, going with the flow is a good thing. But when it comes to solar power, it’s always better to take things sure and slow. Before installing your power saving setup, make sure to get a good drawing of your plans. Know how many solar panels you want and how much power you need for each board. Commonly, solar panels available in the market may range from 250w to 10kW. Surely, you wouldn’t want to go beyond what you need or produce less than your means. You also have a choice —to stay connected on the national grid or be completely independent of it.

Another important note on this step is sounding out your budget. Yes, a solar panel roof system is expensive. Even if it provides you with free energy for almost 20 years, it won’t spare you from spending some money. Hence, your ideal power system must match your budget plan. 

TIP: Aim for solar rebates. Another perk of going with Philippines solar rooftops is the energy incentive! The government itself voiced its support in using renewable energy by providing an incentive program. In this setup, owners could exchange their surplus solar power for a reward. 


Step 2: Find the perfect spot

tips solar panel roof system philippinesSolar rooftop installation is not as easy as putting solar panels on the roof. It needs accuracy and precision in placing it in the correct location. Thus, before purchasing materials, check your target area. Does it receive enough sunlight? Or is it prone to debris and leaves during typhoons? It will help if you have a good picture of whether your rooftop could accommodate the exact number of solar panels.

However, not all houses have rooftops planned during construction. And if you wonder where to put them, your slanted roof serves a good spot too! You will only need more materials to anchor the panels safely. Nevertheless, it’s not a hindrance at all. In fact, a slight angle is ideal in harnessing maximum heat in a day. 


Step 3: Shop the trusted brands

If you had the time to browse through shops, you should know that this investment could cost you more than expected. To guarantee a higher money return, opt for trusted brands. Aside from having fewer problems and easier maintenance, it lasts longer. Or you could do your own research if you are someone who does not usually patronize names. Make sure to look through online reviews and product ratings.


Step 4: Get the right people

Get a time saving solution by leaving the crucial job to a solar company! Not only will it save you sweat, but it will also get you better options on solar wares. Not to mention —a more compatible design for your situation. 24Solar is a trusted company providing solar panel roof systems to Filipino homes since 2014. With specialists and seasoned workers on board, we cater to all solar power needs. 24Solar provides ingenious installation and 24/7 customer service to anyone with solar power dilemmas. And most of all, we formulate ways to make solar energy affordable for every Filipino household.


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