Everyone already knows that solar power provides free electricity! But what remains a mystery to most is if solar panels for appliances are effective. Would this new technology be safe for your home and gadgets? Or would it be a danger to your family and other appliances? Know the honest answer to these questions and learn which solar panel appliances are perfect for your home.

solar powered appliancesSolar Powered Appliances: From The Sun To Your Home

To see the perks of solar energy and experience the benefits of solar power in home appliances, you should understand how solar panels work. Solar cells produce electricity by harnessing sunlight. Hence, their energy production peaks during afternoons. However, this solar power has to go through more paths to get your devices and solar power appliances connected. This process is crucial since solar boards produce direct current (DC) while regular solar devices require alternating current (AC). A unit called AC/DC converter or simply converter is responsible for this change in output current. Hence, solar panels are only a part of solar systems, and more elements play just as significant a role.


AC vs DC Powered Appliances

Although DC powered appliances are generally more expensive in the market, they prove to have a longer service life. In addition, when the equipment works under DC, it would require fewer connections and equipment. Hence, there is also less chance for system or performance failures. This scenario is where the combination of a solar system and dc powered appliances work best. Home solar panel systems will keep you self-reliant on electricity, while dc powered appliances will make the most of this solar energy.

On the contrary, AC powered devices are less expensive but as effective. Although this equipment will need inverters, it does not make their operation any inferior. Much more, most AC appliances in the market today are more efficient on electricity consumption. Hence, it will also aid you in maximizing the energy you get from the sun. Most solar installation designs even include power boxes and disconnect switches to secure the safety of your appliances while still supporting renewable energy. 


Energy Efficient Solar Equipment

Now that you know home solar systems support any electrical equipment, nothing stops you from being self-reliant on electricity. But if you are looking for options, here are some solar panel appliances you might want:

solar panels appliances televisionTelevision

If your household likes popcorn and movies, then having solar panels will reflect significant changes to your utility bill. Solar power for small appliances like television is also advisable as it will not consume much of the produced energy. To save more on your solar power, opt for LED televisions that consume less electricity. 



Almost every home has its own refrigerator ready. And if there are multiple heads in your household, there is more reason for you to go for solar. Aside from more foods to cool, there will also be more people opening and closing the fridge the entire day -increasing its power consumption. Having a refrigerator for solar power will be a big move to save on your utility bill. All of this while using green energy!


Washing machine and dryer

If there are appliances that are the reason for your high utility bills, it would be the washer and dryer. Depending on your laundry load and washing cycles, you could be looking at a prolonged use of this equipment each week. Unfortunately, a high price comes with the frequent and extended use of these devices. Using the solar powered washer and dryer are the key to unlocking your way to free laundry every day.


Air conditioners

solar panels appliances air conditionerWith the geographical location of the Philippines, hot, humid afternoons are normal. That is why air conditioners gain their fame from both offices and household users. However, this machine should not be operating 24/7 since it could be a very potent electricity consumer. Most users opt to schedule when to turn this appliance on only to save a few dimes on their energy bill. 

What makes solar power suitable with air conditioners is their in sync use and function. During hotter days when air conditioners are at their highest, power conversion on solar panels is on peak too! The hotter it is, the more light solar panels receive. Hence, nothing will stop you anymore from turning it on max level.



The country may have hot, humid afternoons, but it has cold and breezy mornings too! Hence, most homes also have heaters to make mornings a little easier. But this heating device does not make it even a little easy on your bills. These, too, eat a lot of electricity to function well. Fortunately, with solar energy, this wouldn’t be a problem. If you have stored energy on your batteries, you will have enough to use for your morning shower and most of all, it’s free!


Solar Panels For Appliances: Note on Safety

Now that you know solar home systems do not require specific appliances, there is only one step left on your solar journey -get started! However, despite the outstanding benefits, you should not forget to prioritize your safety first. After all, solar power deals with electricity and live wires. Simple mistakes during installation or planning could have grave repercussions in the future. Secure safe use with a professional on your team! With 24Solar, you get to guarantee a fool-proof installation and set up of your solar system. Plus, we even have S4Solar Customer Service readily available to assist you any time of the day!


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