Do you ever wonder about the 360 experience of having a solar system at home? Then, start looking at all factors —especially solar repair and maintenance. More than what’s advertised and covered by the media, solar panels are only a part of the whole setup. Although it needs no expert to explain how a solar panel works, its science might get you spiraling into a whole new dimension. Nevertheless, tackling its operation one after the other could get you on your two feet again. 

Through proper knowledge, you don’t have to google solar panel repair or maintenance near me anymore. Instead, you will have the right expertise on how to handle such a situation.


The Green Energy Process

Uncovering how the sun powers each appliance in your home aids in determining the problem later on. 

green energy processAs the light strikes the PV cells, it would only take a few seconds to convert this energy to electricity. And with each solar panel comprising hundreds of solar cells, one board is often enough to support a single home. From the back of the board, energy travels through the wires to an inverter. This component converts DC (direct current) to an AC (alternating current) compatible with home electronics. Electricity will then flow to the breaker box, which delivers the power to your home.


Solar Repair And Maintenance: Common Problems

Many people panic about how much does it cost to repair solar panels. But most often, these problems are easily preventable, or if not quickly detected. Here are some issues that may cause you to call solar repair companies in a second:

Broken Solar Panel

Many owners and aspiring users often fear broken solar panel glass either after a storm or extended use. Since tempered glass is in the outermost layer of solar panels, damages are inevitable. Surprising as it may be, it doesn’t happen often. Besides, panel repairs are optimum in addressing this problem. Also, some cases of broken solar glass start with micro-cracks. These could either be from installation or tree branches getting blown to the surface by winds.


Broken panel glass solution:

broken solar panels philippines

Depending on the size of the damage, you could either be looking at home remedies or replacements. If the scratch is minimal and does not cover a wide area, you could temporarily add polyurethane or protective film. However, do not rely on these hacks since damages like these could cause significant problems in the future. It is always best to act quickly and get a solar repairman to look at the situation.

When you let such tiny cracks stay for long, moisture and dirt could get between the opening. These will then cause damages to solar cells and impair solar performance.


Solar panel glass maintenance:

You won’t need an expensive solar panel repair if you practice proper maintenance. Establish the habit of checking the panels from time to time and cleaning them when necessary. Also, secure a safe process when you install solar panels to prevent unwanted scratches.


Inverter Issues

The most common reason why owners call solar panels repair and maintenance is because of inverter problems. As you know, inverters convert the DC output from solar panels to AC. If this component does not work correctly, it will hamper the delivery of solar energy to your home. Hence, do not think twice about calling a repair service when this happens.


Inverter Issues Remedy:

Common problems with inverted include improper loading, fault lines, and broken switches. Save yourself from this predicament by checking on inverters frequently. Make sure to read on warning signals displayed and secure the wired connections.


Dirt Building On Solar Panels

dirt buildup solar panel philippines

No matter how tall or high your solar system is, the wind could easily blow dirt over it. Much more, living in the city also means more dust and pollution in the area. Dust building up atop your solar modules may not sound as alarming. But in time, more grimes form, which affects solar power performance. Although moderate rain washes most grease, some stains do not wash off easily, like bird droppings. With more stuff obstructing solar cells, there will be less energy for your home.


Solar panel maintenance prevents dirt build-up. 

Small habits are keys to preventing expensive solar energy maintenance and repair, especially on dirty solar panels. Occasional brief checks on these modules will ensure that your system is at its best performance every time. You could also use water to scrub off stubborn spots.


Solar Repair Service In The Philippines

These solar panel problems should not stop you from going with sustainable energy. Besides, there are solar repair and maintenance companies in the Philippines that provide extensive monitoring. With the price of solar system installation, the last thing you would want is to pay excessively on panel repair.


How Much Do Solar Repair And Maintenance Cost?

solar repair and maintenance cost

Putting a simple patch on these problems may fix them temporarily. But always opt for a permanent resolution to settle these issues. Solar repair and maintenance is not a choice you should take lightly. Depending on the component and extent of the problem, prices vary from each other. But, it is also crucial to keenly choose the team to fix these issues. 24Solar houses experienced workers and solar product specialists to help solar owners. Our lines are always open 24/7 to provide immediate assistance to customers. After all, your solar repair and maintenance are supposed to save you money, not make you spend more.

Much more, if you plan to use your solar system for a long time, maintenance and repair of solar panels are your best weapon. Solar panels last for up to 25 years. And this perk is something you should not miss


Final Note

Despite the impeccable benefits and reviews on solar energy, it’s not an exemption from faults and errors. But these factors should not stop you from your solar journey. Considering the benefits of solar energy, it easily outweighs these problems. With 24Solar, you get to boost positive experiences using clean energy. From installation to maintenance, we provide reliable solutions and sturdy strategies. Call us anytime, and we’ll hastily heed your request and inquiries.

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