You might not know, but there are a lot of ways to maximize the sun’s energy! And there is a reason why solar power is the most popular application even in the Philippines. Know about the types of solar energy and how you could make each to your advantage.

What Is Solar Energy?

types of solar energy philippinesSolar energy is essential to keep the planet warm and to support life. The colors you see also come from the visible light found within infrared and UV rays in the electromagnetic spectrum. Solar energy stems from the massive and bright star, the sun. In it, different atoms collide against each other, producing high energy on every impact. This energy, heat, and light reach the earth in waves (electromagnetic radiation) or particles (photons). However, despite these reactions producing high energy, only about 50% touches the planet. This is because of the vast distance from the sun and the absorption of light in the atmosphere. 

Luckily, modern technologies have found a way to make use of this free energy from the sun. And as long as nuclear reactions keep going, the sun will also continuously radiate this energy making it limitless and renewable.


The Benefits Of Solar Energy

With the recent innovations in solar energy, its possibilities are endless! You could either produce electricity or generate enough power for water heating. But, in addition to these perks, there are more important benefits you could get from solar energy.

Solar energy produces no toxic fumes and harmful chemicals. The process of catching photons also does not harm the environment. Hence, it is eco-friendly. 

As you read, solar energy comes from the sun. And it takes billions of years before the sun runs out of its light and heat. When it comes to solar energy, there is more for everybody, including future generations.


Types of Solar Energy

Although there are numerous ways to use solar energy, there are only two main ways to harness it. Here are the types of solar energies you should know:

photovoltaics solar energyPhotovoltaic Solar Energy

This type of solar energy is perhaps the most popular in the Philippines. This active way of harnessing photons uses solar panels and photovoltaic (PV) cells. The solar panels contain semiconductive material that allows the cells to collect sunlight and turn it into electricity. Some other components like wires, meters, and an inverter are necessary to utilize the generated electricity. The whole setup then connects to your appliances through your home’s circuit board. Hence, with photovoltaic solar energy, you could charge phones and use your appliances for free!


Solar Thermal

Instead of solar panels, solar thermal uses flat-plate collectors. However, unlike solar panels, it would require more extensive space. As the sunlight strikes, it will heat the glass panels on the flat-plate collectors. Air or water that flows at the back of the plate will then absorb the heat. You could either use the heated water directly or decide to use it in the future by storing it in insulated chambers. This thermal use of solar energy is effective in water and space heating. With the Philippines’ geographical location near the archipelago, there is not much need for solar thermal application. Hence, it is not common in the country but is otherwise in demand in foreign countries.

There are also other applications of solar energy present in other countries, including salt production.


solar energy technologiesSolar Energy Technologies

Since energy from the sun reaches the earth in a significantly lower concentration, it challenges its use and application. Fortunately, innovators came up with concentrating solar power to tackle this dilemma. Using angled mirrors and tracking systems, focusing sunlight into a single beam is now possible. This is also an emerging technique in using solar power for wide-scale energy production. Somehow it combines the principle of photovoltaic solar and thermal energy. Concentrating solar power utilizes sunlight, concentrated using mirrors or lenses, boiling the water. The steam formed during boiling will then power the turbine. And this will now have the capacity to generate higher electricity compared to each type of solar energy.


How To Harness Solar Power In The Philippines

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