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If you are a millennial, you probably already know what solar energy is. Indeed, this innovative concept of creating your electricity is not new, especially to inventive minds. Besides, information about solar power has been everywhere -from the news, documentaries, and even social media posts. And with the positive reviews that precede its presence, solar energy is a concept you should not ignore. But how valid are these claims? And the biggest mystery is if a zero electricity bill is even possible.

From The Sun To Your Electric Wares

Before you call a solar company for installation and quote, knowing its twists and turns is crucial. After all, switching to solar power should be a long-term investment. When it comes to solar energy, the sun and its light are always in the picture. Most people dread mornings, but some get power from the bright sunlight. They jump-start their day by opening the curtains and seeing the bright light. And that’s how solar panels work too! 

Smaller units called solar cells comprise the surface of these dark-colored panels. As soon as the sun appears and the light reaches the earth, each solar cell catches sunshine and heat then turns these into consumable energy. The electric framework underneath the panel is responsible for connecting the converted energy to your home’s circuit board. Having solar panels is like having your electric power plant at home. And depending on the design and setup, you even get to store and sell the extra energy.


Electric Power Plants In The Philippines

power plants in the philippines

In the Philippines, the distribution and production of energy are divided among three electric grids: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. And although the government oversees the operation and maintenance of these electric companies, they never really have the power over price drops and hikes. After all, these companies rely primarily on fossil fuel, coal, and hydrothermal power plants. Unfortunately, most of these sources are nonrenewable, which makes them barely sufficient to support the electric use of every household in the country. Renewable energy is the most likely answer to this problem. However, power plants using natural resources are few and often in provincial areas and high electric demand comes from urban or metro cities. That is why an imbalance between demand and supply happens, and one way or another, power shortages often occur while electric costs rise.


Do Solar Energy Save Electricity?

Yes, and there is no doubt about that. With the means of providing electricity at your home, you don’t have to rely on electric companies anymore. You wouldn’t even be affected by the price hikes and rotational blackouts. One big misconception of using a solar panel is that you have to be in a sunny area to produce optimum electricity. But each solar panel system maximizes the light that strikes solar cells. Thus, even when it’s a cloudy or rainy day, solar panels can still support your electric consumption at home. 


The Truth About Zero Electricity Bill With Solar Energy

Paying nothing almost every month to your local electric company is possible with solar power! You may even decide to cut off from the electric grid permanently. But, for others who want to have extra security, yes, a zero electric bill every month is possible. Switching to solar energy will get you used to seeing a PHP 0.00 bill instead of that staggering four to five-digit electric charge. 

On top of that, you may even choose to earn from your solar setup. The Department of Energy recently passed the Renewable Energy (RE) Act of 2008. This step promotes an incentive system for buildings or houses that utilize 100KW solar panels for energy production. When your solar panels produce more energy than you consume, you have the choice to send this extra energy to the electric grid. Aside from the extra income, solar panel owners also get to cut the pollution from the local power plants.


Solar Panels In Cutting Electricity Consumption

zero electricity bill with solar powerIt may come as a surprise to you, but solar power does not cut your electricity consumption. However, it supports your electric needs depending on the amount of light it converts.  Electric consumption mainly lies in how often you turn on electricity-dependent appliances. There are many ways on how to limit the use of electricity at home. But if these alternatives seem inapplicable, boosting your solar panel specs is your next best option. Some solar companies also offer solar batteries to enable the storage of extra energy.

Another option you should also consider is the placement of your solar panels. There are areas at your home that receive the most sunlight, while some locations get less sunshine. Hence, each decision should be accurately calculated to guarantee the benefits of solar panels.


24Solar In Empowering One Home At A Time

Another way to secure a zero electricity bill is choosing your solar wares wisely. After all,  a zero electricity bill is only one of the many benefits of using solar energy in the Philippines. You may be saving from your electricity bill this month. But repairs and maintenance of your solar panel might cost you more in the future. And this exact dilemma is what 24 Solar does not want you to experience. 

24Solar ensures that you get the best of your investment when it comes to solar panels. Aside from the branded and imported products, 24Solar also provides comprehensive plans tailored to your situation. This extra step ensures that you do not miss any benefits of solar panels. 


Switch To Solar Power Today. Message us @24solarpremier.


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